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"harin gefsis" - company profile

A winter morning Haris was preparing her traditional jams with seasonal fruits.

When she resigned her banking “carrer” a few years ago, for a more important “job”, that of mommy, she began making homemade jams and preserves from seasonal fruits for the whole family: strawberry in spring, cherry, sour cherry and peach in summer, orange, bergamot, mandarin and bitter orange in winter.

She was preparing them for family and friends, offering them as presents.

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She was also experimenting...

a little ginger in the fig, cinnamon with the apple, chocolate and strawberry… and all this had become a very creative hobby.

In the meantime, the “clientele” was growing. Friends of friends wanted a jar of chestnut for Christmas, a friend – owner of a restaurant- asked for quince for the restaurant’s treats to the customers and the hobby suddenly got out of “proportion”.

The biggest fun and official “taster” of her creations, her husband Makis, an entrepreneur himself, practically announced her that morning that the time had come to turn the hobby into business.

They had nothing to lose. He created a small workshop himself, with traditional equipment; he designed the company logo and managed all typical procedures.

Mrs Irene (the “good” mother in law), with her experience and her knowledge of traditional recipes, took over the assistance, advising and encouraging.

There was only one thing left to do: decide on a company name. «HARIN GEFSIS» (which in Greek has a double meaning:“tastes of Haris”, but also “grace of taste”) for the tastes Haris created!

So our journey began, with love and artistry for the traditional tastes of our land, with three simple ingredients: fresh seasonal fruits from local producers, sugar and fresh lemon juice!

Starting from the local and regional market, we are now expanding to Athens and other Greek cities, mainly in delicatessen stores.

And in a few days “HARIN GEFSIS” products “take off” to foreign lands! With a new look and renewed catalogue, we are set out to sweeten the world!